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13 luglio 2012

Ex Germania dell'Est, centro di allenamento segreto (storicamente INTERESSANTE!)


Sportzentrum Kienbaum

East German Underground Altitude Training Center Built in 1979, the underground training facility, consisting of a special depressurised bunker designed to simulate high-altitude conditions, was developed as an alternative to steroid programmes when international doping tests became more sophisticated. Located beneath a conventional sports training centre at the lakeside resort of Kienbaum, outside Berlin. The East German government camouflaged it so that it would be undetectable from the outside, a move designed to keep it hidden even from the occupying Russians, unofficially as much a sporting rival as Western nations. Inside, a descending corridor leads to a steel shaft, followed by a decompression room – a gateway into a hermetically sealed two-storey chamber, fitted with treadmills, exercise bikes, weight-lifting devices and rowing practice pools. An elaborate ventilation system extracted air until the pressure was similar to that at an altitude of 4,000 metres (13,000ft), inducing athletes' bodies to produce more red blood cells and extra endurance. http://www.kienbaum-sport.de/


stanza di controllo

controllo ergometri

threadmill per ciclismo



vasca canottaggio

camera di decompressione

oblò per il passaggio del cibo

Ingresso camera decompressione