Analisi Potenza (ciclocross) -

Analisi Potenza (ciclocross)

Interessantissimo per variabilità e tipologia di carico/intensità
Atleta: Ryan Trebon (Elite)
Specialità: ciclocross
Gara: Cross Vegas 2011
Mis di potenza: QuarQ

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Ryan Trebon can really put out the power in a CX race! In Cross Vegas, he averaged 409 watts normalized power for the entire 59 minute race, and if you know how many twists and turns are in the course, that tells you how hard he went out of the corners in order to get an average like that. When we dig deeper into the file, we see that Ryan spent a TON of time between 550-600 watts and essentially that is the power he was producing when he was pedaling during the race. If he was pedaling, then he was pedaling HARD. This kind of power is not what normal humans can do! It really is impressive and he is one of the best in the world because he can produce this power time and time again. Producing high wattages is always impressive, but to do it over and over and over in a hard CX race; repeatability is not a quality that every elite professional has, so when you see this in a power file it stands out in a big way.
 Hunter Allen